What is an RSS feed and how do I find it for my blog?

An RSS feed is the simplest way to keep track of all the new posts published to your website.


Here is a more detailed description from Wikipedia:

RSS (Rich Site Summary; originally RDF Site Summary; often called Really Simple Syndication), uses a family of standard web feed formats to publish frequently updated information: blog entries, news headlines, audio, video.

Basically, an RSS feed is used to instantly transfer information from one part of the internet to another.

How is it good for you?

  • It helps get your content in front of the right readers by automatically sharing your newest posts across several social media platforms through web services like Hootsuite.
  • An RSS feed will also give you access to the latest industry news as soon as it is published online. This ensures that you are in sync with the market trends, and all your offerings will be relevant to the needs of your readers.

Where to find it.

An RSS is usually accessible via a specialized icon. It is orange by default, but can be modified to suit any website’s preferred color scheme.

rss icon

The URL address to your website’s RSS feed is http://yoursitename/feed

To collectively view the latest stories from all of your favorite websites, you can use web services like Feedly.