Extra Features

This theme comes packed with a lot of extra functionality!

Read on for more features that you can easily add to your layout.

Happy Clients Section

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This can be turned on and customized from Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > About Us section . To add a client’s logo to this section, you need to click on the About Us section widgets panel and add the Succeed – Clients Widget to your site.

Our Team Section

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To activate, navigate to Appearance > Customize > Our Team Section . There are four panels in this customizer section, which are Settings, Header, Colors & Our Team Section Widgets.

In the settings panel, you can choose if you want to display the section or not.  The header panel allows you to edit the section’s title/subtitle. The colors panel is for customizing colors of the section. To add content to the section, you will have to add the Succeed –  Our Team Widget from within the Our team section widgets area.

Packages Section

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If you want to display your services (or goods) in an elegant pricing table then you can do it by navigating to Appearance > Customize > Packages Section . Just like other sections, in the Settings panel, you can choose if you want to display the section or not, the Header panel allows you to edit the section’s title/subtitle. Colors panel is for customizing colors of the section. And to add content to the section, you will have to add the Succeed – Packges widget from the Packages section widgets area.

Google Maps Section

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If you want to display a map so that people can find your business/location easily then it can also be done within our one page design. Just navigate to Appearance > Customize > Google Map Section , and there you just need to enable the Map section and put down your location. That’s it!